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Who We Are

Hi, I’m Dr. David Claerbaut.  If you are interested in Faith and Learning, Christian Scholarship, or a Christian Academic Worldview this site–FaithandLearningForum.com–is ABOUT YOU.

You may be a student, a faculty member, an administrator, or simply an interested reader.  It doesn’t matter.  We invite you to become part of this website. You can submit a paper, review a book, comment on a blog or entry, or just read for your own interest.

If you are interested in my background, click on the “About Us” tab and then the “David Claerbaut, Founder” subtab.  Several years ago I published a book entitled, Faith and Learning on the Edge: A Bold New Look at Religion in Higher Education, the imprint of which you see on the Home page. The strong reaction to that book encouraged me to make Faith & Learning an international presence on the Internet.  Consider it launched.

Indeed, various Christian institutions have courses—even departments—committed to faith and learning. These resources, however, are almost exclusively for members of these institutions.  FaithandLearningForumcom is truly an open international forum on which people can publish papers, make comments, review books, or simply find resources.  For a better sense of who we are, our Points of Identity follow.  (They are further spelled out in Faith and Learning Insights, Blog #1.)


1. We believe in a transcendent reality—God–author of faith & learning.

2. We believe in objective—in-fact—material and non-material truth.

3. We believe all truth—material and non-material–is God’s truth

4. We believe a Christian worldview is neither unscientific nor unscholarly.

5. We believe Christian scholarship–faith & learning–merits a place in the major non-sectarian university.

We are all about Christian worldview.  FaithandLearningForum.com is a living breathing community of Christian scholarship.


Dr David Claerbaut, Founder

August 2010


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