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[343] KRT

Tony Evans is concerned about the debate over Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its implications. Though he accepts the validity of much of CRT thinking, Evans is concerned with the subject of race becoming an idol amid constant race-centric dialogue.

Evans proposes an intriguing alternative: Kingdom Race Theory (KRT). His formulation, based on Ephesians 2:11-22, is about “the reconciled recognition, affirmation, and celebration of the divinely created…ethnic differences through which God displays his multifaceted glory, as his people justly, righteously, and responsibly function personally and corporately, in unity under the lordship of Jesus Christ.”

He cites the ruckus in Ephesus over Jew and Gentile differences and how Paul made clear they were now Christians and “going to the same church. So it’s time for new rules.” In short, Paul was pushing them away from being ethnic-centric to being “Christo-centric.”

For Evans, “If you’re spending more time discussing CRT than you are KRT, then you’ve been tricked by the world. Now in Christ there are new rules,” and by following them “we will create something new.” DC

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