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[343] And Again

In a recent blog I wrote of state of California having to pay $2MM in legal fees to those who challenged its practice of placing greater C-19 restrictions on churches than on retail establishments.

Well, here’s another Golden State special. The state has ruled that the LA public school district violated federal law by reducing funding for low-income students attending Catholic schools. It is likely the school district will have to fork over millions to the Archdiocese of LA, which filed the complaint.

Imagine that, a secular organization found snookering a religious one out of what is rightfully theirs under the law. Have we seen that before?

I love these stories, because for decades the secularists have made the law their #1 weapon in their war against Christianity. Abortion, pseudo interpretations of the separation of church and state, and outlawing the teaching of creation in public schools, are but a few examples. It is time to flip the coin on the use of the law and the archdiocese is to be commended for doing just that. DC

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