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[342] Counterfeit Christians

Frank Powell, on Churchleaders.com wrote an article provocatively entitled, “7 Signs You are a Counterfeit Christian.” I want to use this space to offer a derivative to two of them. Powell’s second sign was “A counterfeit Christian believes the Bible is more important than Jesus.” This is somewhat arguable because we meet Jesus through scripture.

I grew up in an intensely doctrinal environment, one that made assent to the central doctrines more important than a commitment of the heart to Christ; people who knew and spouted all the right things but were deficient in the fruits of the Spirit.  This making theology more important than Jesus is counterfeit Christianity. Sound theology points the way to Jesus, not the other way around.

Here is a related one. “A counterfeit Christian thinks Christian maturity is more about how much people know than what they do.” This is the problem with so many Bible Studies. They degenerate into a sharing of content, opinion, and experience rather than a basis for living out discipleship.

The purpose of knowledge is action. Nowhere is that more important than in the Christian faith. DC

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