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[340] Who Am I?

I was walking on Irving Park in urban Chicago, approaching a bus stop that would help take me downtown for an appointment.  As I approached the stop, to my right I saw a relatively young man stretched out on the pavement, lying next to the front door of a business. He was obviously drunk. Next to him were evidences of alcoholism, including a partially consumed bottle of hard liquor. 

Looking at his unhealthy face, it was clear that the man was in trouble, Intervention was needed.

But I didn’t intervene. Neither did any of the others waiting for the bus.

Perhaps they, like me, had appointments for which they did not wish to be late. Perhaps they did not want the inconvenience of “getting involved.”  Perhaps they had simply become hardened to the plight of society’s victims in a city awash with scenes like these.  I don’t know, but the whole thing bothered me.

Wasn’t this all-too-common urban scene a modern-day replication of the situation the Good Samaritan encountered?  And if so, who was I?  The priest?  The Levite?

What I was not, was the Good Samaritan. DC

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