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[338] Exvangelicals

In the taxonomy of religion and theology we now have a fresh term: exvangelical.  The term is new, but the it labels is not. Exvangelicals refer to to former evangelicals who may be almost anywhere on the theological spectrum. Some claim they still believe in Christ, others have chucked the faith entirely, and others, well, they are just not sure.

In almost every instance those carrying the label exvangelical claim to have “deconstructed” their faith, another new term for an old practice. Apparently, this involves dissecting one’s religious beliefs and questioning and re-examining them. I realize there are spiritual imponderables as we see through the glass darkly (1 Cor. 13:12), but that is not what I think is going here, because almost invariably this re-examination results in less faith.

I suspect these people, many being “professional Christians” (often Christian entertainers), have long ago become lax in pumping spiritual iron–practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer and scripture reading–only to find themselves entertaining doubts and alternative belief systems.

Truth is not a static commodity. It will slip away amid false teaching if believers do not commit themselves to staying strong in the Lord. There are forces and counterforces in the spiritual world, and in an increasingly cunning, secular culture the forces of unbelief are particularly powerful. Paul urges believers to put on the full armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18) so they can thwart “the devil’s schemes,” one of which is deconstruction. DC

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