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[336] Secular Freedom

The forces of secularism have been pushing hard to establish their own concept of freedom. Secular freedom is characterized by being liberated from traditional norms of thinking and behavior. It advocates escaping from the constraints of the nuclear family, community, and God in pursuit total individualism. Freedom actually becomes rootlessness. And rootlessness leads to lawlessness and social chaos. And ultimately, tyranny.

Expressions of secular freedom were played out before our very eyes throughout 2020, as parts of urban America became ungovernable, universities became havens for revolutionism, and public civility evaporated. Social groups shouted down those with whom they disagreed. Cities erupted in riots, and any respect for the past crashed as loudly as statues regarded as objectionable.

What you saw was secular freedom–a removal of all restraints in quest of total, individual liberation.

Christians will say that all this is not freedom.

And they will be wrong.  It is freedom.

The question is whether total freedom is good for anyone.  It would be if we were not fallen and fallible organisms. You see as long as our natures are sinful. we cannot handle total freedom. Instead of leading to fulfillment, total freedom leads us sinners to chaos, violence, and oppression–ironically things that ultimately remove the very freedoms their practitioners have been seeking. Ironically, when the forces of secularism are unleashed, might makes right, only the strong survive, and the casualty is freedom. DC

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