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[335] Teach It

We need more evangelism. In the church, in the university, and yes, in the Christian college.


James Emery White, from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, reported in curchandculture.org that church membership has–for the first time in 80 years–dropped below 50% in the US. In 2020 just 47% in the US said they belonged to a house of worship, whether it be a church, synagogue, or mosque. 

That is a 23% drop in two years.

But simply telling Christians that they need to evangelize more is not very helpful.  It may generate some guilt but I question whether it stimulates more missionary activity. Why?  I submit that one of the reasons is that many don’t know how to communicate the gospel to others in the everyday flow of life.

It is harrowing enough knowing that so many feel faith is personal, not anyone else’s business. With that shadow hovering over potential interaction, many well-meaning believers wonder how they can bring a casual conversation around to the person of Christ.

We need to teach people how.

I would lay some heavy odds that were you to ask ten believers how they would witness to their unbelieving friends, at least seven would be less than helpful. Look, there are ways to bring others to talk about things in which we have an interest–whether it be football, cooking, movies, art, or current news.  We do it all the time. Salespeople are regularly taught the skill of moving the discussion needle from the weather to life insurance. I am not saying we have to sell the gospel. The Holy Spirit will close that deal. I do say we need to develop the skill of engaging others in a comfortable conversation about the faith.  Who will teach us that? DC

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