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[334] The New Bullying

To make sense out of “cancel culture” necessitates a definition of this rather recent and insidious fad. It is a form of extreme ostracism, a public shunning, aimed at removing the object of cancellation from any cultural acceptance. Not infrequently, the victim is visited with a blizzard of rejection–and sometimes attacks–from those among the masses who uncritically buy into the initial thrust.

Cancel culture should be regarded as nothing more or less than what it is: bullying. Despite bullying becoming a universally condemned behavior, this form has thrived, because it rides the wave of what I call “consensus morality,” a sense of right and wrong based on nothing more profound than popular opinion. When people, or ideas, are not aligned with prevailing secular values they are damned.

By now, we Christians should see where this new bullying is heading: an effort to cancel the Christian faith by accusing believers of not only preaching foolishness (1 Cor. 1:18), but doing so in a spirit of intolerance toward any other version of truth.

Empowered by social media and instant worldwide communication via the Internet, cancel culture attempts are easily launched and can be devastatingly effective. In an age of increasing religious persecution, the faith is an inviting target for the bullies. But the church has endured worse. In fact, it will endure anything, because its founder has assured us the very “gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).  DC

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