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[333] Jennifer Clarke

Recently I read blogger Jennifer Clarke’s “What Would Jesus Really Say to a Homosexual?” 

I don’t, but evidently Clarke thinks she knows.

Here are Clarke’s self-reported credentials. She describes herself as “a Virginia girl, born and bred. I’m someone’s wife and best friend. I’m ‘Mama’ to three smaller someones. I’m a foster mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter. I am a church member. Some call me ‘friend.’ Some have called me teacher. “

At the expense of sounding elitist, I do not see the foregoing as making a sufficient case to accept Clarke as an expert on complex issues confronting the Christian community. Especially when she is presumptuously enough not to cite any recognized experts that may share her opinion.

Clarke may be brilliant. She may be lots of things. But one thing is clear. She is a white, married heterosexual commenting, in a less than informed way, on a population about which she apparently knows very little–one whose life experiences could hardly be more alien from hers if it tried

Make no mistake. I am not trying to tuck in a subtle, pro-gay statement here. Clarke may very well be correct in her condemnation of homosexuality, but in a world awash in blogging “experts,” I am concerned that simplistic renderings like hers do more to polarize than inform. DC

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