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[332] Need More of This

It seems every time some prominent member of the evangelical community tosses in the spiritual towel and goes rogue, the Christian and secular press cannot get enough of it.  Paul Maxwell, Kevin Max, Abraham Piper, Joshua Harris, Marty Sampson, Jon Steingard, Rob Bell, Bart Campolo, Franky Schaeffer, and others have had their apostate stories highlighted.

Well, recently Seth Mahiga, formerly the secretary of the Atheists in Kenya Society resigned his post because he became a Christian.

Why don’t we hear more of this sort of thing?  Especially from the Christian press.

God is still at work.  Not every person is deconstructing her faith.  People are still coming into his kingdom–some rather well-known ones. If the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10) we might want to reported it on earth. DC

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