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[331] Agenda

Whenever I read of people like Brian McLaren, Richard Rohr, and Rob Bell–what one might call “progressive (or postmodern) theologians”–I smell an agenda, a desire to make the scriptures say what they want them to say rather than simply trying to understand what they are saying.

Much of it has to do with hell. They don’t buy the idea of hell. In fact, it is very difficult for most of us to imagine that a loving God would cast parts of his creation into eternal torment.  When, however, there is a refusal to accept the reality of hell, or at least leaving the mystery of hell in God’s hands, can universalism be far behind?

There are many spiritual imponderables for us finite mortals.  What happens to those never exposed to the gospel? To infants who die well before any age of discretion? To people so badly abused they cannot understand the gospel?  And on and on. 

Indeed, we see through a glass darkly (1 Cor. 13:12) on this side of the eternal divide. But that needs to be OK for us. If we had all the answers there would be little need for faith.

We are called to a discipleship of faith in an infinite God through someone we do know, his son, Jesus.

What we are not called to do is take the darkness out of the glass by making God be want we want him to be. DC

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