[326] Revival
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[326] Revival

According to Nick Hall of Pulse, people have accepted Christ at a high than normal rate during Covid-19. Hall told The Christian Post that Pulse had shared the gospel online with over 120 million households in 140 countries during Easter of 2020.  Over 130,000 made decisions for Christ.

“There’s a lot of people who are now seekers. There’s been a massive increase in hunger for God,” said Hall, whose ministry focuses on young people. He believes the ubiquitous nature of the internet has created opportunities to communicate the gospel to what in some ways has become a single culture.

“There is more openness than ever before. In the history of Christianity, when things get hard, those are the best times for the church,” says Hall.

While we pray for relief from Covid-19, it appears as if God is at work redeeming the times. DC

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