[325] SDA
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[325] SDA

Biden had hardly taken his hand off the Bible in his inauguration before a group called Secular Democrats of America (SDA) swung into action with some aggressive proposals. Wanting to halt what it called the “Christian nationalist movement,” supported by Trump, the SDA is pushing politicians to avoid phrases like “God and country,” advocating for humanistic chaplains in the military, and the removal of the “In God We Trust” motto.

So what is the point of all this?

With just 17% of the country claiming to be atheist or agnostic, secularists know the only avenue by which they can advance their agenda is through the law and governmental executive orders. The danger in this is that the forward march of secularism takes place as it has for decades–largely outside the public eye.  But a forward march it is, and Christians need to be alerted to this.  Loudly.  If we continue to sleep while this march goes on, many of our freedoms may be gone by the time we awaken. DC


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