[323] Can’t Stop It
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[323] Can’t Stop It

No institution in history has been targeted for extinction more than the Christian church.  But you can’t stop the gospel from reaching souls. According to Ron Boyd-MacMillan of Open Doors International the number of Christians in China, a country unalterably opposed to the existence of the church, could reach 300 million in ten years–up from the current number of 97 million.

Regrettably, with growth comes persecution–continued attempts to kill the church. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is tracking this growth and engaging in aggressive forms of persecution. Among them is banning Christian funerals, forcing pastors to go through government training, removing references to God in textbooks, and making programmed attempts to remove religious imagery everywhere, including in homes.

Pray for Christians being persecuted around the world.  There is more religious persecution now than ever in history. But trying to stop the gospel is a losing enterprise.  You can’t stop God’s institution. Just look at China. DC


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