[322] Normalcy
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[322] Normalcy

We are awash in discussions of “the new normal” and a “return to normalcy.” According to Kevin D. Williamson in the National Review (December, 2020) our current political state is actually rather normal, if one looks at our history. People become nostalgic over the post-WWII years in the US, and see that blip in time as normal. The US government was in high esteem and science flourished. Products, ideas, and movements were “sold” as scientific. All problems would yield to science.  Times was good.

But those good times were much an illusion. Human affairs could not be managed scientifically.  Wars continued, divorces multiplied, and crime did not go away. Government, believed to be the benign force that could solve our problems, failed to do so.  Poverty won the War on Poverty. In short, science could not solve the problems of human fallibility–sin.

We are not currently heading in the direction of the mid-20th Century.  According to Williamson, we are closer to the mid-19th Century—populism, partisan media, fierce debates over fiscal policy, political weaponizing, demographic divides, and a distrust in government. In fact, the 1896 election was arguably as bitter as the most recent one—fought over cultural divides and even ethnic issues.

We are back to normal.  DC

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