[321] Xianity & Racism II
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[321] Xianity & Racism II

Last time, we spoke of Robert P. Jones’ “White Christian America Needs a Moral Awakening” (The Atlantic, July 28, 2020) in which he shared some research findings from his Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) on racism among religious groups. Using a Racism Index in a study of over 2,500 people, he found that white Christians scored roughly 30 points higher on the index than whites with no church affiliation, and 50 points higher than African-American Protestants.

Here are some of his conclusions.

White Christians, while believing they have “warm feelings” toward African-Americans, hold many racist attitudes that challenge that belief.

There is a positive correlation between church attendance and racist views.

The more racist views a person has, the more likely he or she self-identifies as a white Christian and vice-versa.

Jones has some advice for the Christian community. He urges us to face the reality that the “faith of our fathers” culturally reinforced white supremacy.  We need to stare that in the face, seeking justice rather than reconciliation.  Reconciliation–as in the case of the Southern Baptist Convention’s 1995 apology for its pro-slavery, racist history—bring peace but not needed self-examination and genuine transformation.  For Jones, racism robs us of “right relationships with our fellow citizens, with ourselves, and even with God,” and that failing to address “this sinister disorder in our faith will continue to generate serious consequences” for not only others, but “ourselves and our children.” DC

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