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[320] Who?

There is a push coming from some Christian groups to bring back religion into the schools. Not as a devotional exercise but as an educational response to the religious illiteracy of secular society. These people think that a clearer understanding of the various faiths will reduce stereotypes, and increase respect and tolerance for all faiths, creating an atmosphere of civility in what can be a highly-charged atmosphere.

I have one question: Who will develop the curriculum for these classes?

Imagine having a well-intentioned secular Jew develop a world religions curriculum. There is no certainty that she will present an accurate description of the gospel.  And to be fair, what about the Christian teacher presenting the various forms of Judaism?

This whole enterprise is nonsense—rank naivete.

One of the biggest problems with secular understanding of Christianity is that the faith is reduced to little more than the teachings of a great moral leader named Jesus.  No claim is made as to his divinity.  Do we want more of this?  Christianity is about truth revealed in scripture. To leave its presentation in the hands of secular curriculum designers and teachers is to subvert the very truth that is the faith.  DC


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