[319] Rush Reaction
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[319] Rush Reaction

Upon hearing of the death of Rush Limbaugh, I quickly “googled” his name to see what was being said about him.  Here is some of what found. The NPR website, in announcing Rush Limbaugh’s death, stated that “he embodied a counterpunch to what many on the right contended was a liberal media establishment — even as he offended millions with his racist, sexist and homophobic routines and diatribes.”

Huffpost trumped NPR with the following headline, “Rush Limbaugh, Bigoted King Of Talk Radio, Dies At 70.”

Rush Limbaugh was deliberately provocative, polarizing, and shoot-from-the-hip. Much of his success came from his style.  And yes, some of his statements were understandably received as bigoted.  But to slap the “bigot” label on him, as if that is all he was, is unfair. It is shabby journalism.

This is what’s wrong with what currently passes as journalism.  It engages in the unhealthy practice of injecting a blatantly partisan perspective into reportage. Imagine if you did not know who Limbaugh was, but heard of his death, and clicked on these websites?  Simply seeing the word bigot might lead you to dismiss Limbaugh as little more than a latter-day Archie Bunker.  That is not only unfair to the memory of Limbaugh. It diverts the reader away from what Limbaugh really was: an ideological architect of political conservatism.

The left is really good at this slanting, given their heavy influence in mainstream media. But they are not the only ones. You can get a good helping of this on many Fox News outlets as well.  Some will say Rush, himself, contributed a good deal to this patent bias, but he gets a pass here as he made no secret of his political leanings. He made no pretense to simply presenting the news.

We need to halt this propagandistic slide in reporting the news. This practice is the ideological equivalent of the nuclear arms race. Each partisan thrust invites a more polarizing counter until all that is left are two hostile, groupthink camps.  Unlike the arms race, however, we are not fighting a foreign enemy.  We are destroying ourselves. DC


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