[318] Cover
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[318] Cover

It is strange how certain words sneak into our lexicon and then get accepted as accurate depictions of reality. These words eventually code our brains with a false sense of what is really going on. Here is one for you: cover—as in journalism. “She covers the White House for this network.”  He covers Capitol Hill, or Hollywood, or the NFL.

These people, usually senior reporters (whatever that means) are given an elevated, almost omniscient status. In reality, they do not cover anything. They do not encompass or have claim to all relevant knowledge on whatever they “cover.”  They simply report on what they find.  Often these reports are cleverly embedded in a point of view. That is what they do and that is all they do.

So what is the point of this mini-rant? It is that terms like cover are dangerous. They are deliberately misleading, lending a sense of expertise, authority, credence—again, even omniscience–to the words (including slanted opinions) of these fallible people.

And that is not healthy in a society in which millions rely on too few voices to inform them of what is real, factual, and correct in their world.  Especially when many of those “purveyors of truth” have no respect for the one who is the source of all truth. DC



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