[314] Sociology of Disorder II
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[314] Sociology of Disorder II

Recently I used this space to review Mary Eberstadt’s fascinating December 2020 article in Firstthings.com, entitled “The Fury of the Fatherless,” in which she looked at the profile of the summer 2020 protestors who generated mass disorder in US cities. One common characteristic was fatherlessness.

A second is the erosion of major social institutions, particularly religion. In short, Fatherlessness added to fatherlessness. In 2019, 44% of respondents between 18 and 29 termed themselves “Nones” as far as religion goes.  “None of the above” is now the fastest-growing religious group in the US.

Not surprisingly, there is a link between fatherlessness and Fatherlessness. A study of white nationalists found that the bulk of them were divorced and in opposition to Christianity and Judaism. Moreover, BLM, from its Marxist perspective, is in opposition to Christianity.

These two characteristics lead to a third, which I will discuss next. DC

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