[305] Contesting
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[305] Contesting

Review are mixed on President Trump’s unwillingness to concede the recent election.  Trumpers far and wide are crying, “We wuz robbed!” as they go full speed ahead at contesting the electoral verdict.  Those on the left persist that The Donald’s behavior is no more than evidence of his being a poor loser.

Clearly, there are bases for the charges of electoral irregularities.  At the same time, Trump is known as less than gracious in defeat.

The real concern is the future. We still don’t know who really won the Kennedy-Nixon tiff of 60 years ago.  Or the Gore-Bush faceoff 20 years ago.  The reason is that we did not in 1960 or 2000, nor do we now, have a foolproof system for counting votes.  Every flaw in the system creates the possibility for—at the least—error, and at the most fraud.

The former is bad, the latter is lethal.  When there is fraud, or the belief that fraud has been committed, people lose their faith in the bedrock component of a democracy—the vote.  And once that faith is lost, it makes little difference who is declared the winner. DC


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