[304] Uncertainty
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[304] Uncertainty

As the nation comes to grips with the reality that Joe Biden will soon be the 46th President of the United States, its significance is suffused with uncertainty.

Secular Progressives are rejoicing, believing the barriers on the road to implementing their hard left agenda have now been removed.  Their counterparts on the right dread that those on the left are…well…right.

The reality is far less certain.  Obviously, much of that agenda can be blocked by a Republican Senate.  The exact layout of the next Congress itself is still undetermined what with run-off races to be held in January. Should the Republicans prevail by even a margin of one in the Senate, we will be almost certainly staring at a continuation of the polarization that harks back to the days of Bill Clinton.

But what if the Dems seize the Senate? Even by a margin of one?

There is still no certainty that a progressive agenda is certain to follow.  There are two possible barriers. One is Joe Biden.  His running mate, Kamala Harris notwithstanding, the new president has long carried the label of moderate, a savvy both-sides-of the-aisle consensus building politician. And what of the stark split within the Democratic party?  While the moderates have gotten little media attention, and have no high-profile figures to rival that of the likes of AOC, they are not few in number in either house of Congress.

So what will a Biden presidency be like?  It is uncertain. DC

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