[302] The Challenge
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[302] The Challenge

It is no secret that Trump was candidate of choice for the bulk of US evangelicals. Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of a 14,000-member Southern Baptist Church in Dallas was an unabashed Trump advocate.

The Fox News website published a recent article by Jeffress in which the pastor issued an insightful challenge to disappointed evangelical voters, in fact a lesson for all believers for all time. He reminded his readers that believers are called to pray “for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions” (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

It’s easy to pray for one’s favorite candidate, wrote Jeffress. “But the rubber really meets the road when the person who takes office is not the one we supported. Paul didn’t give us any wiggle room — his command applies all the same, whether the emperor was the faith-friendly Constantine or the evil emperor Nero.”

Jeffress urged Christians not be hypocrites. “We serve a God who remains on His throne, sovereignly reigning over every square inch of this vast universe. We serve a God who loves us and will never leave or forsake us. And now we have the chance to show the consistency and constancy of our Christian witness to this world.” DC

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