[301] Image of God
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[301] Image of God

What does it mean to be in the image of God?  No one has a definitive answer to that question, but contrasting humans with animals may help.

The key to the contrast is that humans have higher cortical functions enabling them to relate symbolically. The simpler brain structures in animals reduce their interactions to instinct and physicality. Animals cannot comprehend and reason.  They do not have meaningful relationships.  They cannot reflect on the past, nor plan for the future.  They have no will, nor a capacity for making significant choices. As such, they cannot be held responsible for their actions.

The gospel is about a relationship that goes well beyond instinct or physicality.  It is a message expressed in words (symbols) about a redemptive relationship of a perfect God with responsible human beings. It is one to which only living beings in the image of God can respond.  DC

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