[297] Keys to Xian Ed III
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[297] Keys to Xian Ed III

This is the third post on a Mission Statement of a Christian school, sent my way by my colleague, Steve Launer.  These could well be adopted by Christian colleges.

To reiterate, here are the first two elements.

We teach the truth of the scriptures and that each student is uniquely created and loved by God.

We reinforce and sharpen each student’s gift (Romans 12).  We value the passions God has placed in them (Ps, 37:4), and empower our students to express those passions in a healthy manner (Gal. 5).

Here is the third.

Our goal is that our graduates have unshakable confidence in the call God has placed on their lives (Matt. 28) to serve the needs of the world. 

Comment: This about putting discipleship in action, a cornerstone of Christian education.

This is a very impressive triad.  We begin with the Truth, as a foundation.  From there we focus on finding a student’s gift(s), and finish that with making a difference by using it.

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