[296] Keys to Xian Ed II
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[296] Keys to Xian Ed II

Previously, I used this space to discuss a document sent my way by my colleague, Steve Launer.  It is what one might call the Mission Statement of a Christian primary and secondary school that is a tenant in his church’s physical plant.  We discussed the three points recently, realizing they could well be used by Christian colleges. To refresh your memory, here is the first one:

We teach the truth of the scriptures and that each student is uniquely created and loved by God.

Here is the second (with some editing).

We reinforce and sharpen each student’s gift (Romans 12).  We value the passions God has placed in them (Ps, 37:4), and empower our students to express those passions in a healthy manner (Gal. 5).

Comment: This is all making disciples.  Foundational to Christian is indeed the gospel, but also how to put that gospel in action, something mentioned in the third one that will follow.  DC


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