[295] Key to Xian Ed I
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[295] Key to Xian Ed I

My colleague, Steve Launer, told me about a Christian primary and secondary school that is a tenant in his church’s physical plant.  He was struck by the school’s general mission—spelled out in three paragraphs—and showed it to me.  So was I.  So much so, that with a bit of editing, I propose Christian colleges consider these three items.

Here is the first (with some editing).

We teach the truth of the scriptures and that each student is uniquely created and loved by God.

Comment: What jumps out to me are two things.  One is the focus on the student as uniquely valued by God.  Perhaps more important, however, is truth.  That word appears 224 times in the KJV of the bible.  Regrettably so many Christian groups teach or preach only parts of the truth.  There is plenty on discipleship, but the consequences of the one’s relationship with Christ is often skipped over.  Hence, universalism is rife in Christian circles, along with postmodernism, and an almost complete avoidance of reference to the afterlife.  God’s truth is the only truth.  It is consequential. We are called to communicate it. DC


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