[294] 1-2 Punch
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[294] 1-2 Punch

So Jerry Falwell Jr. is now out at Liberty, over a still-to-be-clarified sexual behavior issue.  Regrettably, there is sufficient smoke pouring out of what we do know, for one to suspect there is some fire underneath, so he has been waxed.

It seems evangelical titans continue to topple off their lofty pedestals due to one or both of two things: sexual misconduct and financial malfeasance.  In the Falwell scenario, both may be in play.  And when these things happen, they provide much cherished fodder for cynical secularists who delight in the destruction of the Kingdom of God.

In any case, this is the 1-2 punch, and there is no excuse for either. There are plenty of watchdog organizations available to look over the shoulder of leaders in charge of the purse.  There are also many safeguards available to keep the zippers up among those in authority. One is to follow the Billy Graham rule of not having such moguls meet with members of the opposite sex in private. Another is consistent spiritual guidance, and still another is education offered by consultants and Christian organizations.

Face it, sex and money are powerful drivers.  So powerful that they are often among the primary life objectives of leaders in secular corporate culture.  There is no shame in acknowledging the power of this 1-2-punch. There is shame when our leaders do not take the proper steps to prevent becoming the victims of them.  DC


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