[290] Covid-19 & Worldview
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[290] Covid-19 & Worldview

Have you noticed that the split between lockdown and reopening over Covid-19 neatly coincides with secular progressives on one side, and Judeo-Christians on the other?

I suggest it has much to do with worldview as it relates to life.  If your worldview holds that this life is all there is, you will do two things: Protect it at all costs, and getting as much out of it as you can.

That means protecting yourself against every perceived threat to your physical existence.

In the Christian worldview things are very different.  First, this existence is only the temporal side of life. Second, our eternal self has been created to honor God.  This means that, although we will value self-preservation, this life is not an end in itself.  Instead it is a call to invest it, amid risks, in doing God’s work.

We value life but do not worship life.  We worship the creator of life and give our life to his purpose.  What makes our life sacred is not its existence, but its purpose.  Pursuing that purpose is rarely devoid of risks. In fact, that pursuit may cost one one’s life due to martyrdom or other factors.  “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it,” says Christ in Matthew 16:25.  What is important is not how well one protects one’s life, but how well one has invests it. DC

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