[289] Correction
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[289] Correction

When the stock market goes through a negative spasm it is called a “correction.” Churches and denominations experience corrections as well, and I see another one coming. Almost 90 years ago there was a mass revolt against liberalism from the ranks of orthodox Christians. Denominations had—over decades—relaxed their allegiance to scriptural authority and seminal doctrines—the virgin birth, the reality of miracles, the infallibility of scripture, etc. The shift toward what was then called “modernism” reached a watershed, resulting in groups splitting off to form new denominations, ones faithful to the traditional creeds.

I see another correction coming. It seems inevitable. The further denominations move off a scriptural base, the greater becomes their distance from the centrality of the gospel. And there is much such movement. Universalism, retreats from biblical authority, and easy accommodations to secular thinking (in a desperate attempt to appear relevant) now abound in settings that were formerly more orthodox. That can stretch only so far before there is backlash from those who can no longer tolerate the drift. The result will be a correction—a nearly perfectly descriptive word. DC

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