[289] Don’t Be Surprised if…
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[289] Don’t Be Surprised if…

I am going to depart for a moment from my usual format and throw some political items your way.  Here is a baker’s dozen plus one.

Don’t be surprised if…

Biden unceremoniously drops out—for ostensibly medical reasons–before or just after the convention, leaving the Dems with better options, in addition to chaos.

The current presidential polls are way off because most voters are not thinking about November.

There is a sudden shift in the polls after the first debate (if the debates happen).

If there is a severe split among the Dems after the fall election—win or lose–in a battle over control of the party with Pelosi being a casualty…

If Trump loses largely due to failing to pursue the women and black vote intelligently.

Kamala Harris is the Dem pick for Biden’s VP (assuming he persists) as she is the strongest woman of color available.

If the Repubs suddenly trot out Hunter Biden in an effort to pin the corruption label on his father (assuming Biden persists).

If Dems will attack Trump much more on style and character than substance and performance.

Trump loses owing to his handing Covid-19.

Dems focus on the African-American vote more than ever, as poor turnout among blacks was a killer in 2016.

We continue to see comparatively little of Biden (should he persist) to limit his exposure per his questionable mental competency.

If the Dems continue to marginalize the Clintons–due to their high negatives–and feature as much of Barack and Michelle as possible.

The Repubs rely solely on Trump and Pence for the campaign, with nary a mention of George W. Bush and other prominent members of their party.

If there is a sudden end to urban rioting the night after a Biden win.


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