[288] Identity as Worldview
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[288] Identity as Worldview

It is easy to get lost in Identity Politics—that contemporary trend of defining oneself by the social group of which one is a member, especially in the case of race and gender.  Hence, if one is gay that is the overwhelming determinant of who one is.  Problematic as that is, what is much worse is that social group membership often becomes a worldview, and all differences of opinion on matters like race and gender are then taken personally.

Say you have a good friend who is gay and he asks your opinion of gay marriage.  If you find such alliances objectionable, that view may be received as a personal attack by your friend, because his primary selfhood, and therefore his perspective on the world, is lodged in being gay.  This tendency comes at an awful price—that of stifling free inquiry and open discussion. One no longer feels free to disagree with someone else over a matter pertaining to a social group, because that disagreement could very well terminate a relationship.

It goes like this.  If you don’t approve of the issue pertaining to who I am, you don’t approve of me personally, and therefore our relationship is over. You can see the First Amendment wobble in the distance, in part because this worldview-driven personalizing has stifling effects in the media.  In television, radio, and social media, people are simply afraid of taking stands on controversial issues for fear they will be branded hateful, intolerant, or ignorant.

The result is the end of the free exchange of ideas. What binds us together as a nation is our acceptance of our differences–racially, ethnically, and culturally–and our ability to explore all aspects of our diversity freely.  When those ties no longer bind, we descend into a cauldron of warring groups and ideologies, rather than being one nation, under God, indivisible. DC

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