[287] Pro-Choice RC’s
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[287] Pro-Choice RC’s

Have you noticed how many Roman Catholic political figures are pro-choice despite the Catholic church’s staunch anti-abortion stance?  It seems counterintuitive and begs the question why.

I submit it is about worldview.  Many Roman Catholics feel their religious convictions are personal and private; more important, one of a number of key components in their life.  When people view their religion as one very personal, private, off-limits component of their identity, they prevent their faith from permeating and informing all areas of their existence.

Hence, they can be personally against abortion but fully supportive of others’ right to abortion if it coheres with those others’ personal values. That is bad, relativistic, and postmodern (what-is-truth-for-me-may-not-be-truth-for-you) theology. What is murder for the Christian, should in her mind, be murder no matter who engages in it, and that Christian needs to be on the right side of the 6th Commandment.  DC

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