[285] The Big 4
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[285] The Big 4

It is important to understand how Secular progressivism (SP) moves its agenda forward.  They use four institutions all characterized by stealth—a systematic, yet subterranean effort to remake the country. Here they are Big Four.

Law: Historically, much of the SP agenda would not receive widespread support were it in the form of a referendum.  Hence, from abortion to outlawing the teaching of creation, Secular Progressives have for decades worked the behind-the-scenes side route of changing laws.

Social Media:  SP dominates social media, even to the extent of media giants censoring online challenges to SP notions under the guise or preventing misinformation.

Mainstream Media:  We know it has long been politically liberal, but much of the media have moved beyond classic liberalism to SP as if it were mainstream thinking.

Academe:  Secular universities, dominated by SP thinking, subtly seek to reshape the worldviews of tomorrow’s leaders under the protection of academic freedom.

These are the four cornerstones of SP.  They are real.  They are formidable.  And perhaps most important, they are stealthy.  Christians need to use all available means to shine the light of truth on them.  DC

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