[285] Trump Will Lose If…
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[285] Trump Will Lose If…

Trump will lose if he does not change the direction of his campaign.  Make no mistake, he is behind—further out than the margin of error in many cases. 

To win, he needs more African-American votes and more women votes.  If he bumped up his support among each group by just 5%, the race would be over.  His current message will not do that.  It is a loser.

His divisiveness is killing him among women.  Even among Trump-voting females, you will regularly here they do not like his style—his arrogance, disrespectful comments, and general divisiveness.  He must make a real effort to unite rather than demonize or he will pay in November.  Yes, the media is liberal. We all get that.  But he needs to rise above the demagoguery.

His law-and-order orations will harpoon him among African-Americans.  The term, law-and-order, is about as effective as the N-word among blacks.  It rings with white power and control, and it has done so since the days of George Wallace in 1968.  He needs to say many of the same things, but use different words like justice, safety, and security, and emphasize his focus on police reform.  But above all, no more law-and-order.

He really needs to stop this 99.9% of the cops are good talk.  That is white talk, representative of my experience with the police.  It is not the experience of a single African-American I know.  And I know lots of them.Keep running out an absurd number like that and African-Americans will understandably send him back to the real estate business. 

He most definitely has done many things favorable to African-Americans.  He needs to run on that.  And he needs to do that by campaigning in inner cities.  As soon as possible. For decades, Republicans have been whining about the paucity of support they get among African-Americans.  They need to get a mirror.  If you stay in the suburbs and rural areas while your Democratic counterparts are campaigning in the inner cities, you will get the puny vote counts you deserve.  It is about respect—the single most important concern among black Americans.  If you do not show enough respect to visit a voting community, you will not get respect from that community at the ballot box.  DC

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