[284] Ravi Zacharias
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[284] Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias went quickly, and for many, too soon.  The 73-year-old discovered that he had bone cancer in March of this year, after having undergone back surgery.  He was gone in two months. Zacharias was a celebrated apologist, ever ready to give an account of his faith.

Zacharias argued that a competent worldview must address four issues: origin, meaning of life, morality, and destiny.  Every religion claims exclusive truth, but only Christianity addresses all four issues.  He advocated that Christianity can prevail in the face of the most aggressive philosophical attacks.

Furthermore, Zacharias stated that a quality apologist needs to operate from three levels. Logic—intellectual tenability; Feelings—making the faith livable; Moral—establishing the right to make moral judgments.

He is gone, but his books and arguments are with us, and form a foundation for all those who wish to defend the faith. DC

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