[284] Cowardice
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[284] Cowardice

As the statues tumble down, and the level of anarchy goes up, we are witnessing an unprecedented amount of cowardice from many ostensibly in control.  Governors and mayors, by the number, are simply too afraid or simply unwilling to bring in the forces of social control—the cops—and authorize them to end the disorder.


There are two reasons.  One is political.  In an election year, one in which identity politics is a decisive factor, these “public servants” are concerned about alienating large voting blocs by going law-and-order.  That reason, despicable as it is, is common knowledge.  These officials are indeed fiddling as their cities burn.

But I see another reason—cowardice.  These officials, in an attempt to appease the rabble-rousers, are placating, even defending them, hoping they will exercise a bit of restraint.  To wit, Seattle Mayor Durkan likened CHOP to the 1967 “Summer of Love.”

That ain’t never gonna happen. 

Revolutionaries are not about negotiating, compromising, or reaching reasonable agreements.  They are about winning and taking control.  Any show of weakness is about as effective in quieting radicals as oxygen is in smothering a fire. In our cities, the result is reminiscent of Judges 21: 25. “In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.  DC


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