[280] You Ain’t Black
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[280] You Ain’t Black

Friday morning Joe Biden, said to a black radio host that African-Americans, who find difficulty deciding whether to vote for him, “ain’t black.”  Now if this were just another of his silly verbal blunders, we could confine this statement to “C’mon man” Biden and move along.

But it is far more disturbing than that.

African-Americans, from Clarence Thomas (who was a militant activist in his college days) to Candace Owens of Fox News, are regularly harassed by liberals (often white) for not joining the black voting herd and voting Democratic.

It is insulting, demeaning, and worse, not called out.  Since JFK, the African-American vote has gone Democratic at every level–president, senator, congress, and governor.  No one is questioning that.  But when a huge slice of a national demographic is then thought to be obligated to vote Democrat, not be free to consider alternatives, or branded as ignorant or naïve in doing so, we have a problem.

It is more than reasonable that some African-Americans might look at the performance of the Democratic party–particularly in the cities–and come to the conclusion that they have been had by what might be termed latter day colonizers.  That they have become colonists of partisan politicians who come into their communities at election time, attend some church services, hold public events, tell the locals how much they care about them, and then leave the colonists to eat their promises rather than provide jobs, opportunity, quality education, and personal safety—genuine change.

A party has no right to try to do an electorate’s thinking for them, but that is exactly what these paternalistic liberals have been doing.  They are communicating the notion that their colonists should vote their ticket.  And dare any think for themselves and question the colonizers’ tired public-aid, dependency-perpetuating agenda, well, they will get the Uncle Tom label, and be exiled from their own people. DC



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