[278] Vision
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[278] Vision

The church, and its associated Christian colleges, have a long history of being the caboose on the controversial issues train.  They had their heads in the sand with respect to the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements.  Long after the government and the secular world engaged these matters, they started making changes.  Too many Christian organizations had to be dragged kicking and screaming toward embracing racial and cultural diversity, and myriad bras had been burned before they engaged gender issues.

Why is that?

Because it seems too many Christian institutions cling tightly to the status quo, resisting change much out of fear–imagining if they ignore challenging issues, they will go away. Let me be clear here.  This is not a manifesto advocating radical action and change in Christian institutions whenever they see an issue on the horizon.  They could very well choose not to change.  But they need to do so, not out of being reactionary, but out of Christian conviction.

Look at future issues in the church and the college: polyamory, ongoing LGBTQ issues, co-habitation, student revolts, cyber crises, taking a stance on political issues—they are but a few elements of the new reality.

Christian institutions are awash in study groups, committees, and task forces.  Many of these are irrelevant.  Why not have one that is visionary; one that enables churches and colleges to meet the future head-on, rather than react to it after all the avoidance alternatives have been exhausted? Christian institutions need to be salt and light in a dark world. They need to be on the watch tower, providing vision and direction.  Not trampled under the wheels of an ever-changing secular culture. DC



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