[277] Customized God
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[277] Customized God

One of the most pernicious threats to Christianity is what I call a “customized God.”  I am talking about the increasingly-common practice of making God into our image of him rather than aligning ourselves with the God of scriptures.  In short, like a tailored suit, we customize God to fit our perceptions of truth.

Though not the focus here, customizing God is a natural result of a growing postmodernism—the notion that truth is different for each individual.  This form of postmodernism is evident everywhere.  I remember the story of Jane Fonda.  After encountering biblical Christianity, she began identifying herself as a Christian.  Now, not so much.  Over time she apparently picked and chose those elements of the faith with which she felt comfortable, rejected the rest, and now no longer proclaims an allegiance to the biblical Christ. Perhaps more alarming, however, is that this thinking is very evident in Christian communities, and especially Christian colleges where the demographic most given to postmodern notions is dominant. We regularly hear statements that begin with, “I don’t believe in a God who…”  Third rail issues like divorce, homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment, and on and on, are not prayerfully studied in light of scripture, but are decided on the basis of individual (and often uninformed) perceptions of morality.

When individual perceptions become the basis of our understanding of God and discipleship, his ways are no longer higher than ours.  He is formed in our image, not we in his.  When we do that, we are on our way to being our own god, the very enticement the serpent used to initiate the Fall.  DC


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