[270] Missional Campus
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[270] Missional Campus

Steve Launer, whose name appears here on occasion, is a deacon in a Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  He gave me a report on the impact of missional ministry.  In short, it states that we live in a post-church age.  For many non-believers, the church is irrelevant—even viewed with suspicion.  We live in a culture quite similar to that of the 1st Century church, in which believers were but a small island surrounded by often-hostile unbelief.

Seeing the church decay in England, Mike Breen started a new movement that followed the system used in the early church, building “missional communities.”  Small groups would go into their local communities, get involved, and invite their fellow residents into the Missional Community.  As the communities grew, they would split off and continue the process.  There would be occasional larger group get-togethers comprised of a number of smaller ones, but the essential model of multiplying through connecting with the unchurched in their communities remained the same.  This methodology reportedly is now working in the US—and in China, where as many as 30,000 a day are being baptized.

So what about the college campus?  I could see something like this being very effective in a Christian college community.  Not every Christian college student is a believer.  Among those who are, there are plenty of faith crises.  Rather than confining outreach to weekly chapel services and Bible Study opportunities, would it not be more effective to put together some of these groups lead by committed Christians, and have them build relationships with fellow students in spiritual need.  With the studies indicating that Gen Z thirsts for authentic relationships, and eschews what they see as corporate groupthink, it is hard to see Missional Community ministry not working in the current context.

And while we are at it, for those ministering on the secular campus—where we really have a replication of 1st Century unbelief—Missional Communities may have an even greater impact.  DC


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