[271] Intent
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[271] Intent

There is a very unhealthy practice in today’s politics, markedly different from previous generations.  It is employed on each side of the aisle.  It is about intent.

In less vicious times, Republicans and Democrats would criticize the actions of the other when they genuinely disagreed with those actions.  In other words, counterpoints were raised when there were real disagreements on policy and practice. The key word in the previous sentence is real.

Times have changed.  For the worse.  In our current age of demagoguery, criticism and political attacks are not based on genuine disagreements.  They are an end in themselves.  In brief, politicians begin with the intent to destroy their opponent, and then look for issues and practices which they can use—disingenuously—as the ammunition in the attack.

Although this is common practice in both parties—and the media, a current example is the Coronavirus.  It is rather apparent that many of Trump’s enemies are using this malady as ammo to get at Trump.  Joe Biden left all doubt recently with a blistering, anti-Trump attack, followed by an appeal for donations to his campaign.

All the while these critiques were going on, a wide range of medical professionals including Dr. Drew (Pinsky) urged the politicians (and the media) to calm down and realize the Coronavirus was a minimal health risk compared to the flu.  But for the Trump critics, the actual issue in question is not the point.  The point is that this new epidemiological development provides manipulative ammo to attack their political enemy.

Again, this is a dangerous trend, one used by both political sides.  It is dangerous because it is deliberately misleading.  Instead of the seriousness of the issue determining the level of critique, the critique artillery is already in place, waiting for an issue to use as political bullets against an opponent.  When our political leaders and the media engage in these toxic practices the ultimate victim of their attacks is not a give political figure, but the well-being of the democracy. DC


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