[269] Christian Worldview
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[269] Christian Worldview

If we educators have any desire to prepare our Christian students for effective discipleship in their future lives, we need to become much more serious about teaching a Christian worldview.

Discipleship without a Christian worldview is akin to driving in the unknown without a map or GPS.  It is a Christian worldview that provides the lenses of truth through which one views, understands, and analyzes the world.  Without those lenses, perceptions and judgment, already distorted by our fallen natures, are vulnerable to all manner of deceit.

Many Christians, educated in elite secular universities, do not have a clear Christian worldview.  I know a number of them.  The intellectual lenses of these potential difference makers for Christ have been shaped by secularists, rendering them continually vulnerable to value-laden, non-Christian perspectives that result in poor judgment.

If Christian colleges do nothing else, they need to take advantage of their opportunity to develop “minds of Christ” among the intellectually gifted population in their charge.  This needs to go well beyond nuanced efforts to tuck in an occasional Christian notion in basic academic classes.  It needs to be deliberate.  Obvious.  Intentional.  This means required classes—even majors–on Christian worldview, just as there needs to be at least one required course on apologetics.

We need genuinely Christian colleges.  A Christian college is more than an institution with chapel services, often less than vibrant theology courses, Christian faculty members, and a high percentage of students from Christian homes.  It is an academic institution aimed at equipping disciples—future Christian leaders–with the “mind of Christ.”  If the education is not academically sound it is not really a college.  If the college is not teaching a Christian worldview it is not really Christian.  DC

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