[268] Cultural Apologetics
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[268] Cultural Apologetics

There seems to be as many flavors of apologetics as there are flavors of ice cream.  A recent one deserves mention: cultural apologetics.  Actually, it is not at all recent, as Lesslie Newbegin introduced the concept in his 1988 book, Foolishness to the Greeks.  In any case, Paul Gould, in Christianity Today (April 17, 2019) defines cultural apologetics as “establishing the Christian voice, conscience and imagination within a culture so that Christianity is seen as true and satisfying, and it has both a global and local component.”

Cultural apologetics grows in importance as a mainstream culture becomes more secularized and resistant to theistic notions.  It differs from traditional apologetics as it draws from “music, art, sports, entertainment, social relations, and politics” rather than philosophy and science.

It is much about understanding prevailing cultural worldviews and how they are presented and ingested by a society.  In short, cultural apologetics begins with a deep understanding of culture.  From there it tries “to awaken those within culture to their deep-seated longings for goodness, truth, and beauty.”  The task involves working within government, business, and the arts to help people “see the reasonableness and desirability of Christianity.”

Cultural apologetics has a unique feature.  Though it is inclusive of philosophy and science, it integrates the faith in real what’s-happening-now time.  It can open the mind of the unbeliever submerged in a purposeless post-Christian culture to the way, the truth, and the life that is Christ.  DC



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