[265] Reason to Faith
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[265] Reason to Faith

For many skeptics, the Christian faith is simply unreasonable.  For them, the gospel is indeed foolishness and hence, sane, rational people do not entertain such silly notions.  Joshua Rasmussen’s book, How Reason Can Lead to God (IVP, 2019), begs to differ.  In the book, the author sees different people stepping on a bridge, one with common experiences and universal principles of reason.  He states that just as shining a light on anything brings more clarity, shining reason on God reveals his majesty and reality.

Rasmussen suggests that if God exists in a world of evil, he would want to present the greatest of all stories of love and adventure; that is exactly what he does in the sacrifice of Christ.  Among Rasmussen’s goals is for people to feel their worth in the eternal perspective.  The book presents God as the foundation for the world, a foundation far greater than people think it to be—one that makes their lives far more meaningful than they realize.

The power of this approach lies in its use of reason as an apologetic tool, rather than fleeing reason because of the commonly held notion that reason (and science) is in conflict with God.  This method figures to be especially effective among educated seekers, including college students struggling with faith.  Rasmussen’s approach makes science, logic, and academia a road to faith rather than a collective barrier to belief.

Many years ago, Christian philosopher Arthur Holmes uttered the famous words, “All truth is God’s truth.”  Reason involves a search for truth, and Rasmussen shows how that method of searching can lead to the creator of reason. DC

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