[265] Romney, a Hero
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[265] Romney, a Hero

Mitt Romney is a hero, a shining light amid the dark siege of impeachment.  Appealing to his Mormon faith, he rejected partisanship and voted for Trump’s removal.  And Trump’s classless denigration of him was disappointing, particularly in the context of the National Prayer Breakfast.

In an ancillary fashion, Alan Dershowitz, a celebrated liberal, is also a hero, putting aside his political dislike for the President to defend him based on the professor’s commitment to civil liberties.  And those in the liberal media who have shunned and disdained him for it are also a shameful embarrassment to our country.

Returning to Romney, the point here is not that he voted against the President.  The point is that he stood on personal principle rather than party allegiance in doing so. I find it hard to believe that every Democrat—and no other Republican–truly believed Trump should be ousted.

The vote itself was another sickening manifestation of the disease that is eating away at our republic: polarization in the form of partisanship.

One of the most celebrated books of the previous century was John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage, a compilation of stories of politicians who took a stance based on conscience rather than political expediency.  Romney–and in a related way, Dershowitz–did exactly that.  Actions like these are the only real hope for our republic.


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