[264] M-C Christian Colleges
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[264] M-C Christian Colleges

If you were to ask administrators of Christian colleges whether their institutions were multicultural, I suspect many would say “yes,” quickly noting the presence of non-white students.

And many would be wrong.

Many Christian colleges are barely diverse, much less multicultural.  For a church to be considered multicultural requires that no single ethnic/racial/cultural group constitutes more than 80% of its membership.  Only 8% of US congregations meet that diversity standard.

I suspect many Christian colleges fall short here as well—among its student as well as faculty.  I have written previously on how Christian colleges can attract more minority students, but that is not the point here.

What makes an institutional multicultural goes well beyond its demographics.  To be multicultural, a college needs to express a specific concern for, and attention to the various subcultures represented in its student body.  It also needs a vision that includes growth in diversity through its student and faculty membership, as well as in its academic offerings and perspectives. Furthermore, it needs to have different cultural representatives in positions involving decision making.

In short, if a college’s faculty and students (of various ethnic groups) listen to the same music, eat the same foods, experience the same cultural events, and study bodies knowledge from a dominant Eurocentric perspective, it is not multicultural. It has simply assimilated its campus population into a common culture.

We live in a multicultural world.  We need to prepare our Christian students to function effectively in that world.  A good way to start, would be to get very serious about making our Christian colleges multicultural.  DC

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