[262] Quiet Death March
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[262] Quiet Death March

The secularists, by intention, move quietly, but they are moving.  They have very quietly used laws, organizational policies, and political correctness campaigns to drive the gospel out of the culture.  For example, at Chicago’s Millennium Park, Wheaton College students were forbidden to pass out literature or preach, while Young Life was voted off the campus at Duke University because of YL’s stance on homosexuality.  Add to that the vehement opposition to teaching anything other than naturalistic evolution in the public schools, attacking Catholic Hospitals in court for refusing to perform abortions, assailing Chick Fil A and other business owned by Christians for their beliefs, all but eliminating any depiction of the Nativity Scene in public areas, opposing even saying, “Merry Christmas,” along with myriad other attempts to silence, or least intimidate believers from expressing their faith publicly, and you see this spiritual death march in action.


Again, the goal is to eliminate theism, most notably Christianity, from the culture.  And it is working.  According to Pew Research, ten years ago 77% of the US identified as Christians.  It is now down to 65%, while those claiming to be non-religious has gone from 17 to 26%.


None of the previously mentioned actions to drive out religion was put to a vote.  The secularists know better than to do that.  They cannot win a “Let’s get God out of everything” campaign at the ballot box.  Instead, they enter lawsuits, introduce anti-religious policies, and push a secular political correctness, knowing that the more God-consciousness can be removed from the society, the fewer the number of believers there will be in the long run. It’s a slow game, built on the long view, but it is working.


Will the Christian world ever awaken to this?  Will it make countering this quiet death march a major agenda item?  DC

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