[259] Why Xian Colleges
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[259] Why Xian Colleges

Recently, Christianity Today (October 18, 2019) published an article by Kelly Kapic of Covenant College on why we still need Christian Colleges. Kapic notes that despite widespread prosperity there is a strain of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and mental disorders throughout the society.  The author connects this with an absence of vocation—purpose in people’s lives.  Some Christian colleges are on to this.  Grand Canyon University includes “Find Your Purpose” in its marketing.

On a related note, Kapic sees an absence of holism to the faith of many prosperity-chasing Christians, resulting in what he calls “bumper-sticker” Christianity, a faith life largely separated from an engagement with the outside world.

All of this leads to something I feel tops the list for Christian colleges: transmitting a Christian worldview.  By this I mean teaching the student to look at the world—from arts to economics, from history to athletics—through the lenses of faith.

A Christian worldview requires committed, truly Christian scholars, guiding their students toward a mature Christian perspective on all things.  The Christian college is uniquely able to do this.  And it is sorely needed.  I know many Christians who do not have a Christian worldview.  They are alive in their faith but unintentionally live a compartmentalized existence, with their faith—as important as it is–not really permeating all aspects of their lives.  A Christian worldview has no boundaries.  It tints the believer’s view of all of reality as surely as a pair of sunglasses tint one’s physical view.  We need this desperately in a world of false philosophies, one requiring the believer to debate and wrestle with difficult ideal, according to Kapic.

Perhaps most important, the Christian college needs to be up to this task—able to deliver.  It needs to demand nothing less than genuine Christian thinking and expression from its faculty.  The spiritual battle of our times is for the mind.  Having the actual mind of Christ is an ideal, but there is no higher calling than pursuing it.  DC


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